Hi, I’m Lisa Mulry.

Making a move is a big deal.

Choosing who helps you is too.

So, here’s a little about me.

Grand Rapids Area Realtor® Lisa Mulry

I grew up and lived right here in “Gravity Rapids”, in a big family. I’ve raised kids, renovated houses, served on non-profit boards, and moved aging parents.

I spent a few decades producing award-winning films and TV commercials for regional and national corporations, agencies, and non-profits. I prepped and managed big budgets, complex schedules, large crews and nervous clients with a level of detail that makes heads spin. Years ago, I made a move to use my expertise to help people make one of their biggest moves.

I’m a planner. Anyone making a move should have a plan – and each plan is unique, accommodating many variables. I know how to plan.

I also know process, negotiation and the value of constant, clear, and open communication. I know how to search and how to market. I know schools, streets, parks, neighborhoods – and sensitive situations. And I get what “home” means.

And I know what I don’t know. Which means I’m constantly participating in continuing education classes and workshops offered by my brokerage and industry. I stay abreast of emerging technology, strategies, and this ever-changing market.

My approach is personal. I choose to be a solo agent to assure each client is taken care of by me, rather than being handled by a team. Every client’s situation is unique and receives my full attention.

But, enough about me, what about you?  If you’re thinking about making a move, let’s talk – and make a plan.