About me. About you.

I could talk about my decades as a location scout, stylist, creative director and producer on scores of TV commercials, Fortune 500 corporate films, and documentaries. And how I organized, scheduled, prepped and managed big budgets, large crews and nervous clients with a level of detail that makes heads spin.

I could also talk about how I grew up and lived here in “Gravity Rapids”, in a big family, raised kids, renovated houses, served on non-profit committees, and moved aging parents.

But I’m more about what all that means to you.

It means I know how to search and how to market. I know process, negotiation and the importance of constant, clear, and open communication. I know schools, streets, parks, neighborhoods – and sensitive situations. And I get what “home” means.

I also get what it means to help people with one of life’s biggest decisions.

So if you’re thinking about making a move, let’s talk about you.