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flow chart of key steps in home buying process


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Get pre-approved for a loan before you look for a home:

  • you’ll only look at homes within your price range
  • you’ll know your monthly payments & closing costs up front
  • your negotiating position with the seller will be stronger
  • closing can happen more quickly

If you’re buying with cash:

  • you’re offer will likely be stronger than comparable “financed” offers
  • remember to factor in property taxes & insurance costs
  • you’ll need to provide “proof of funds” with your offer

After a thorough understanding of your new home needs:

  • I’ll set up a search designed for you using the best technology in the industry
  • you’ll receive information on new listings as soon as they come on the market
  • we’ll schedule time to visit most or all of them
  • I will be on the hunt for upcoming listings through my internal groups
  • I’ll also keep an eye on any “off-market” opportunities

I will research data on the home to determine what to offer and:

  • we will present a written offer to the seller’s agent and/or seller
  • the seller may either accept, reject, or counter your offer
  • there may be some negotiation required
  • once the seller accepts the offer, it becomes a legal contract
  • earnest money will be needed at the time of an offer – typically 1-2% of the offer

I’ll help you hire & schedule a professional home inspector

  • they will conduct a thorough inspection of the house
  • emphasis will be on health, safety and integrity
  • we will negotiate with the seller to complete any necessary repairs

The closing is the formal process of signing papers, paying fees and closing costs, and receiving the keys to your new home!

Bottom line: I'll search smart and fast with the best search tools in the industry. I'll be in constant communication. I'll negotiate firm but fair. And we'll get you your new home.

So, let's talk.

(Well, mostly you'll talk. I'll listen.)