Looking to Sell?

There’s much to consider.

Start with pricing.


Most everyone wants as much as they can get.

And that’s pretty much what will happen, because the market will set the price. In other words, your house is worth what a buyer is willing to pay.  This “Pricing Pyramid” chart is based on years of data that shows the relationship of price to buyer interest.  A higher percentage of potential buyers will look at properties that are priced at or below “market value”.  There are more charts and graphs based on data to support this fact, but the bottom line is to price it right when selling your house.

We'll take a good look at what else is out there.

I’ll perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).  With my comprehensive property search and market data software, I can research current and recently sold listings in your area that have similar specs and features as your house. Comparative data will show what willing buyers have recently paid, what current sellers in your area are asking, and how that compares to your house.

five factors that affect the value of your house

Price it right - right from the start.

A well-priced house will see the most activity within the first few weeks. An over-priced house will see much less activity. The longer a listing sits with no activity, the more likely that house will be purchased for under fair market value.  And keep in mind that the market will almost always correct an under-priced house.  Buyers will bid up the price to it’s true market value.


It’s all about how your house presents itself. The appeal starts at the curb. Studies show that buyers make a decision within the first 15 seconds of entry.  A house in great condition attracts more buyers – and ultimately sells for more.  I’ll work with you to make your house look great inside and out.

The first exposure that buyers will have to your house are the photographs on websites and social media. They need to be top-notch. I’ll use my experience and talent in art and set direction to make them so. I’ll help you get your house photo-ready and then coordinate and direct professional photography.  No cheap cell phone pics from this Realtor.

Search Grand Rapids Area Real Estate

Your house will be listed everywhere: on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and over 350 popular search websites through the proprietary Keller Williams Listing Service (KWLS).  Think Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, HomeFinder and more.  Wherever. Whenever.

I’ll feature your house on social media including several Keller Williams Facebook pages and our internal Market Center site for previewing upcoming listings.  I’ll also promote your house on my website and Facebook pages.

Buyers can view your house without ever stepping inside through “virtual tours” using Facebook, FaceTime, Zoom, 3D walk-throughs and more. For in-person tours, we’ll use ShowingTime to schedule available time slots for serious buyers with their Realtor. We may decide to schedule one or more Open House dates. If so, we’ll promote Open Houses well in advance through the MLS, the internet, social media, neighborhood invites, signage, and targeted phone and email invites. 


We'll price your house to sell. I'll help make your house look great.
It will be marketed everywhere that buyers are searching.
I'll be in constant communication.
We'll get it sold.

So, let's talk.

Well, mostly you'll talk. I'll listen.